BMO 10th & Granville

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6,569 sq. ft.

BMO, a long standing client of AGA, renovated an existing BMO office space for their new Wealth Management team located in the South Granville district of Vancouver.  This would be the first premises in the Vancouver area to adopt BMO’s latest agile office approach to the workplace.

With no assigned private offices in the landscape, this modern work environment offers staff a variety of facilities to suit the tasks at hand.  The primary client/meeting room located near reception, is now equipped with flexible furnishings & technology AND the added ability to divide into two rooms utilizing a ‘Sky-fold’ wall (stored in the ceiling plenum when not in use).  Clients can now grab a coffee at the client coffee bar before stepping into a meeting with their BMO financial representative.

Vibrant and colourful in select areas, with a more neutral palette allocated to the more ‘serious’ spaces, this new BMO high performance workplace welcomes both customers and employees in a creative and flexible environment. Timeless and classic elements reinterpreted into a contemporary style for everyone to enjoy.

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