We are professional interior designers, dedicated to creating designs that connect our clients to their spaces.Aliki Gladwin
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Your surroundings reflect who you are, as a company and as an individual, so it is crucial that the designed environment is an honest depiction. Creating this image is at the heart of our design philosophy, it is our ultimate goal and what we design by. Aliki Gladwin & Associates Inc.

A great Design Partner in Western Canada.

Aliki Gladwin & Associates Inc. has developed a long-standing relationship with BMO since 1998. They are a great Design Partner in Western Canada for BMO. They meet our design needs through the implementation of established BMO Design Standards. We have formed a dynamic team approach with the AGA team, the BMO Project Team, and Outsourced Project Construction Management Team. This strong working relationship ensures that we meet all BMO Line of Business needs.

Dan ArtsDirector of Global Design and Construction Corporate Real Estate, BMO Financial Group